Friday, December 2, 2011

A Thankful Heart

Since I never wrote around Thanksgiving, I decided to still keep the theme of “thankfulness”.  I’ve had a lot going on recently, and I have a lot to be thankful for. Here are just a few things…

God’s gift of grace and mercy. I am thankful that He is always faithful, steady, and unchanging.  I am so amazed by the greatness of our God. He is constantly pouring His blessings upon me, and I am overwhelmed by His amazing love. “…how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ.” –Ephesians 5:18

Family. Since moving back to Athens this year, time with family has been hard to come by. I am thankful that my family loves and supports me even when I have to be away from home for a while. I am thankful that they have been able to come and watch me cheer in Sanford Stadium this year. Even Grandma and Neil came up for the Kentucky game! I am thankful for the sweet time I got to spend with them and also for the time at home over Thanksgiving break. I am also thankful my sister and Brian will get to spend Christmas with us this year.

Friends. I am thankful that God has given me wonderful sisters as roommates who have been by my side through a lot this year. They are beautiful inside and out. I am thankful for the best friends God blessed me with in high school that I can always count on no matter what. I absolutely love my friends!

School. I am thankful to be attending the University of Georgia and receiving such a wonderful education. “…there is no tradition worthy of such envy, no institution worthy of such loyalty as the University of Georgia.”

Georgia Cheerleading. I am so thankful to be a party of the UGA cheerleading program. I have had the time of my life this year cheering between the hedges in Sanford Stadium. My dream has finally come true, and I am loving every second. Glory, glory to ‘ole Georgia!

Team United. I am thankful to be involved in a great athlete ministry. This has been a wonderful tool for the growth in my relationship with Christ this year, and I have also new found brothers and sisters in Christ that are involved in athletics like me.

BCM. I am thankful for the family of friends and believers that I have in the Baptist Collegiate Ministries. I love the worship and fellowship that constantly surrounds me. The Holy Spirit fills this place and these people with such a contagious joy!

Christmas. I love Christmas! It is now officially December and the 25 days of Christmas have begun! I am thankful that there is special music for Christmastime! I am also thankful for the special season drinks that Starbucks has! I’m thankful for Christmas lights and trees and ornaments and cookies! It all makes me so happy!

My Dawgs. I am so thankful for the great season that the Georgia Bulldogs have given me to cheer for! I am so proud to be a Georgia Bulldog! I am thankful that we won the SEC East and that we have a shot at the SEC Championship tomorrow! Win or lose, it’s always great to be a Georgia Bulldog! BEAT LSU!

I have so many things to be thankful for, and I am so incredibly blessed! Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend! “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His love endures forever.” –Psalm 118:1

Monday, September 19, 2011

I Will Go, Lord, Send Me

Over three months since I’ve written? What have I been doing?!  Clearly a lot has happened in that length of time, and I want to share just how wonderfully God has been working in my life. To save you from reading another one of my novels, I’ll try to be brief.

My summer was filled with lots of work at the daycare again. It really flew by so quickly. I was able to spend a lot of time with Casey, which was a big blessing since we’re no longer in the same place during the school year. My mom, dad, and I made a trip to Arkansas to visit my grandparents. My grandmother had a stroke back in April and has been going through a long recovery process. She was able to go home a few weeks ago, and although this transition is a difficult one, we are praying for even more success in the near future. It was so good to be able to spend some time with her and my grandpa.

There are a million things that I want to tell you about my trip to the Dominican Republic, but I will save most of that for our personal conversations (so ask me about it!). My favorite part about the trip this year was that I saw some of the kids that I had met the year before, and they actually remembered me. My sweet girl at the orphanage, Hannah Madeline, reminded me not to cry as I was leaving her because “It’s not goodbye. I’ll see you next year.” And yes she will! My heart is still in the Dominican, and I cannot wait to go back!

 My sweet Hannah Madeline!
 Jeffrey and I again this year!

When I returned from the Dominican, we took a trip down to Apopka, Florida to see the newest edition of our family come into the world! Welcome beautiful Alaina Rose Metzler! She is our little princess already, and I cannot wait to see her again! During this short trip, I got to see my amazing family who I miss every day! It was such a good trip- and a way too short one!

 Welcome into the world, Princess Alaina!

 My beautiful cousin, Stephanie, the proud mommy!
 The new big brother, little Isaac!
 My sweet cousin Brittany Kay!

We got back from Florida on Wednesday, and I moved back to Athens on Friday to start two-a-days for cheerleading. It was pretty hectic at first. I had to stay with a friend for a few days while they finished my apartment, but I got to move in the day before we went off to camp in Myrtle Beach. We received a full-paid bid to nationals at camp this year! Whoo-hoo! Go Dawgs!

School started back up the day after we returned from camp, and it has definitely been in full force! I’ve been a little overwhelmed with homework, studying, practicing, and keeping up with my organizations. But it’s starting to get a little better. I’m learning how to manage my time with so much on my schedule. God has really been working in my life through all of these things. I love my BCM family more than ever! They are so supportive to all that I have going on, and I am thankful for the relationships I have formed. I also got into a new ministry this year called Team United- a combination of FCA, Athletes in Action, and Georgia Athletes Outreach. I am absolutely loving it! And I’ll be leading a study with the cheerleaders this year as well; I cannot wait to see God’s hand work through it! God has recently been teaching me what it means to surrender to His will and truly live my life for His glory. I am in awe of how amazing our God is, and there are no words to describe how in love I am with my Savior! He is opening new doors and showing me things that I have not yet been aware of, and I am excited to see where He is leading me. More details to come on that soon, but for now, my prayer is for Him to use me. “I will go, Lord, send me. Send me out to the world to make you known.” That’s how I’m asking you to pray for me as well as I continue to see His plans unfold.

Lastly, I won’t take up too many words on this- just leave you with some pictures. Being a Georgia cheerleader is one of the best experiences of my life! I have been so blessed by this gift in so many ways. I have met wonderful people, gone wonderful places, and most of all… cheered between the hedges in Sanford Stadium! I am loving every minute! It’s GREAT to be a Georgia Bulldog!

 My roomies!
 Mom and Dad!

To God be the glory! Have a great day!